Be our Star for 1 day - Model Coaching + Photo Session




Feel like a fashion model for 1 day! Be our Star - be our fashion model!


Your are dreaming of being a model once in a while?

Well, maybe not everyone, but even those who don't could probably use a lesson in the skills models have, like self-confidence, posing in front of the camera, walking like a fashion model!
Now you can be a model for a day, and learning how to walk down the catwalk, posing in front of the camera, gesture and mimic for the camera and much more.



Arrange this modelling experience with our Model Coach. You'll begin your day with basic posing in front of the camera with our model training coach. After you've learned the art of posing than you learn how to walk like a fashion model.

Whether you're a model or not - it will help you to boost your confidence.
Our model for a day experience will also get you a lesson in make-up basics with our makeup artist.


Finally, you'll wrap up your glamorous day with a great  photo session with our Crew, your  MODEL COACH, Photographer, Make-up Artist and Stylist.

You will leave this "MODEL FOR A DAY Experience" with a big smile, great memories, and some invaluable skills that will help you carry yourself with confidence and style, no matter where you go.


Your Model Coach in Miami, South Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Key West.

Model Portfolil and fashion photographer for new comers or if you need to build your Model Book. Arrange a photo session with our crew.


We also offer private runway training, fashion show training, posing classes , modeling school and confidence building workshop.


Soon we offer our Modeling school and Model Coaching in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman, Muscat, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Your Model Coach and catwalk trainer.



For Modeling school and learn how to walk like a fashion model please visit website  or click on the link below






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